Blonde Thursdays

Our usual ‘Thursday’ Spots are fill up fast so make sure you get in quick!
PLUS we are open late by appointment every Thursday night so there is no excuse not to make some time for yourself!!!

Contact us RIGHT NOW via PM to our Facebook Page, Text 0428722873 or Call 40 914 382 to secure a spot before they all fill up!

Tape and Microbead Hair Extensions

As we are now offering both Tape & Microbead Extensions at Arvie Salon in 2015- next Week we are celebrating with a
Fantastic Offer!!!

*1/2 Head of TAPE Extensions ONLY $300 (RRP $450)
*Full Head of TAPE Extensions ONLY $450 (RRP $650)

If you are interested in having beautiful long hair then you MUST contact us prior to 5pm this Thursday 08/01/15 to book your appointment for next week. We also offer a Complimentary Colour Match Service and all Extensions used are
100% Human Hair A+ Grade. 

Mr Smith

Shampoo and Conditioner

Those who experience the modern luxury of Mr. Smith bespoke hair products, talk of the aroma, the feel and the effect. From the boxed presentation to the luxurious formulations, Mr. Smith sets a very special tone.

Mr. Smith brand has been cleverly put together piece by piece, drawing from the best of science to the sharpest brand execution. With the innovative use of lime, cacao seed butter and wheat protein, formulations are combined with the timeless classics of mandarin and jasmine oils together with rose geranium.

Mr. Smith pays respect to traditional pairings whilst breaking exciting new ground in what’s in the formulation, as to what should be left out. Luxurious moisturising proteins combine with enriching, fragrant oils, but no matter how hard you look, you’ll find no parabens, SLS or silicones in Mr. Smith. And of course, Mr. Smith is Australian Made, PETA approved vegan and never ever tested on animals.


Saving Ordinary Humans From Themselves

Evo is an innovative, professional hair and beauty product manufacturer with individuality and integrity; a manufacturer that speaks the truth.

Evo hair products are luxurious formulations made from the finest globally-sourced ingredients. Evo face care provides gimmick-free formulas without harsh surfactants and fillers, and no unnecessary, over-marketed ingredients put there only to make claims on labels. Evo body care products were created in line with Evo’s mission to make innovative, gimmick-free products that are honest and give great results. they are easy-to use, bollox-free, effective skin care systems.

Evo creates innovative, professional tools designed to complement Evo products and make your life that little bit easier.




     Your Stylist has THE solution!

Colour Refresh, Colour Tone, Colour Enhance, Colour Intensifying Conditioner, Temptress Shine Treatment.

Whatever it may be, WE have the solution.